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Phi Phi Bayview Resort - Phi Phi Island Activities

Phi Phi Islands are a collection of stunning islands situated between Phuket and the west coast of mainland Thailand. Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don are the two largest where thousands of tourists flock to experience the palm fringed beaches and jutting limestone cliffs that rise from the sea.


Phi Phi Don is the only populated island in the group, and has been so since the 1940’s when Muslim fisherman began to settle here, even today the majority of residents are direct descendants from these earlier adventurers. Soon after the fisherman arrived, Phi Phi Don became a coconut plantation, and today the island’s economy is very much driven by tourism.

Phi Phi Leh has had a very different history and was known purely as a stunning snorkelling and dive site revealing an amazing underwater world until it featured in the blockbuster movie ‘The Beach’ in the year 2000. Maya Bay on Phi Phi Leh was used as the film set and has since become a popular destination for day trippers and has boosted tourism to the islands considerably.


Guests at Phi Phi Bayview Resort can experience the best that the islands have to offer with a range of boat tours where you can swim amongst colourful fish, picnic on a deserted beach, visit the film set of Leonardo DiCaprio, discover ancient Viking caves and much more. Here are some of the popular attractions in the area:


Also on Phi Phi Leh, Koh Sama is a scenic cove that hides in the fold of a steep rock and is a favourite spot for snorkelers.


There is a huge airy cave on Phi Phi Leh known as the Viking cave for its ancient paintings of ships that look reminiscent to those used by the Vikings. The caves are also home to swallows that produce nests with their saliva, a popular Chinese delicacy.


These two rocky islands are uninhabited and located north of Phi Phi Don. They are surrounded by thriving coral and have beautiful small beaches to rest and enjoy a picnic after swimming and snorkelling in the clear waters.